Glass Pool Fencing Safety in Spain

Glass Pool Fencing Safety in Spain

Summer may be drawing to a close, but in Spain, we continue to enjoy high temperatures that last throughout the autumn months. And for many people bathing in the swimming pool is a way to keep cool. Swimming pool safety is an important issue for anyone who has a swimming pool and young children.


It is a sad fact that many children between the ages of 1 to 4 years die every year through drowning in home swimming pools. There is no legislation currently for glass pool fencing safety in Spain stating a privately owned pool should be fenced. It makes sense to fence the pool with a safety fence allowing for total peace of mind. Glass pool fencing is the best solution for this. Pool fences have been a major factor in reducing child drowning in private pools worldwide.


France was the first European country to introduce laws about the fitting of safety fencing and barriers around a privately-owned pool. Other European countries are due to implement the same set of laws in 2018. Making it mandatory to have some form of security around a swimming pool.


Besides the safety element of having a pool fence, there are additional benefits to pool fencing. Family pets will be far less likely to fall into the pool. Also, the glass pool fencing will keep wild animals away that are looking for a drink.


Our glass pool fencing is made from premium quality, toughened safety glass, virtually non-breakable and shatter resistant. Glass pool fencing stylishly allows for visibility from a distance and also create a complementary design to the environment. Our frameless glass pool fencing means that the glass does not have any visible boundaries. They are just large pieces of glass panes that come in different sizes depending on the size of your pool. The glass has polished edges that cannot cause cuts to anyone. Attached to stainless steel supports.


Glass pool fencing is the most elegant way of fencing your pool. You will be able to make a statement by using the frameless glass pool fencing even if people do not swim in the pool.


Clearly Frameless offers reliable glass pool fencing services. You can get all the services you need in order to maintain your fence effectively. Contact us to arrange a visit to your pool.